A unique private equity investor

Hands-on approach to improving performance

Performance improvement lies at the heart of our investment philosophy.

Our singular focus on retail has enabled us to develop our industry expertise and hone our retail specific capabilities. We positively embrace the massive shift in consumer dynamics impacting retailing today, not least the perpetual growth in digital commerce.  On most Alteri investments, our proven digital experience has been instrumental in helping bricks and mortar-led players across Western Europe transition to successful omnichannel retailers with sustainable business models.

We believe that the best way to support management teams to deliver lasting change and create the platform for long term growth, is to adopt a very hands-on approach. Typically, our performance improvement measures include a combination of driving cost efficiencies and unlocking growth levers.  For example:

Driving operational efficiency

  • optimisation of controllable costs including head office, DC & indirect costs
  • addressing underperforming parts of the business
  • sourcing review and supplier renegotiations
  • logistics, supply chain and IT optimisation
  • cash optimisation / working capital management

Fuelling growth

  • upgrading e-com / omnichannel capabilities
  • refining pricing and promotions strategy
  • developing product / brand strategy
  • internationalisation including licensing
  • selective M&A
Together we transform

Alteri Partners LLP is the investment adviser in respect of certain funds (the “Alteri Funds”) managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management Inc. Where the term “Alteri” is used in this website, it is intended to refer either to the Alteri Funds or to Alteri Partners LLP as investment adviser, depending on the context.